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Make your mind up, woman! April 14, 2010

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Ok. Just scratch everything in that last post. You know, the part I said about never going vegan. I’ve had a change of heart. Well, a trial-basis change of heart.

I’ve decided to try veganism for a month. There are several reasons for this, the main reason stems from my stance on the industrial food industry (factory farming)/government subsidies and how it impacts our environment, our ecosystems, our animals, and our bodies. I really just want to live the most honest life I can. I also know the honest me wouldn’t eat things that go against my beliefs. I’m not trying to be perfect at it, but I want to do my best.

My main concern is really making sure that I eat enough of the right foods (and take all my vitamins!) to make sure I’m hitting all my nutritional marks. To be honest, my eating hasn’t been all that well lately. Not badly just… I’ll eat toast for breakfast and then eat it again for lunch haha. I’m just not getting enough variety right now to call it healthy by my standards. Anyway, starting today, I’m putting effort into my meals and switching it up a bit :).
Also, I bought THIS book to acquire some more information about going vegan and whatnot. I never thought I would ever even try this, but now I’m game for a trial basis. Interesting.

Cutting out diary and eggs will be tougher. And what about stuff like honey? Hmm, I need vegan guidance…
I’ve chosen to enlist Brendan Brazier via Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to
Optimal Performnace in Sports and Life
to help. I’m awaiting his book as we speak…

We will see. If it’s any indication by my previous posts, I’m constantly changing and trying new things. Not a bad thing, at all.


And here goes nothin’! February 18, 2010

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Well, hey. I’m Allie. I’m a 20 year old college kid (geology major! yay rocks!) and finally made the decision to go vegetarian.

To address the ‘why’:
It’s a long time coming. But as a huge supporter of whole, natural foods that do not include “non-foods” or “enhanced foods”, meat is the last barrier I have left to break. Now, if I could be assured that every cut of meat I ever bought wasn’t subjected to antibiotics, steroids, pesticides, chemicals, or other poisonous nonsense that doesn’t belong in my body, I’m not sure I would give it up. But, unfortunately, the world I live in does not offer that. So this is my stand against that. As Michael Pollan says, “You vote with your fork. 3 times a day”. How right you are, Pollan, how right you are.

Today’s food consisted of:
– Kashi cereal with rice milk
– More Kashi cereal with rice milk!
– Whole wheat sandwich with cucumber, provolone cheese, and vinegar
– Frozen blueberries (Mmm!)

Look-a-there! No meat :D.
Although I did have this fleeting movement where I reached for lunch meat, and then realized, “oh wait!”. Haha, glad I caught myself!
Ok. I will address the why I ate so little. I currently have a stomach virus. Which involves a lot of nausea! Every time I go to eat, think about food, look at food, I just get sick to my stomach :(. It’s definitely putting a damper on all my vegetarian food ideas! But I’m fairly confident that all the vitamins and water I’m downing will do some healing :). (Soon, please!).

Speaking of vegetarian options, I’ve compiled a list of recipes I want to try!
Bean Burrito Recipe
Black Bean Mushroom Burgers
Roasted Garbanzo Beans
Veggie Tacos
Tri Mushroom Risotto

Mmm, can’t wait!