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Finals week… dun dun duuun May 4, 2010

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Oh yes, it’s here! Finals week is upon us and us college kids are freaking out as usual.

Thankfully, I think I’m in fairly good shape (*knock on wood*). I finished my Historical Geology project early (the evolution of whales… they use to have legs!), which was the massive paper I had this semester. Beyond that, I just have 2 exams, a mapping, and presentation, THEN I’M DONE. For the week. Until my Conceptual Physics class starts on the 17th.
Did I also mention that I’m moving out in August?! Cause I’m moving out in August. I’ll be moving up to Boone, NC (aka the Appalachian Mountains) to pursue a B.S. in geology. It quickly approaching and I’m starting to get excited/scared/nervous/etc.

Well, in vegan news, can I just say that my Historical Geology professor deserves a gold star? Vegan cookie? Something awesome. The final presentations are on Wednesday and she promised she would bring food (they’re from 11am-1:30pm). She decided on pizza and dessert. She asked about special dietary stuff, what we liked/didn’t like, etc. so she’d know what to get. After class ended I told her that she could discount my slices of pizza since I’m a vegan. She then told me she’d make something for me instead (how sweet is she?!). I told her, no worries, that I’d just bring something instead. But she insisted and asked if I liked mushrooms and balsamic vinegar (which, for the record, I do). Haha, I have no clue what she’s thinking but I’m curious and really grateful :). She’s so great, I’ll miss her (and the entire geology department) when I leave!

So I have this bad habit. I take my computer to bed with me. I don’t have a TV in my room, but I’ll watch YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc. at night instead. Unfortunately, I tend to lose track of time and end up going to bed waaaay to late! This really needs to stop because exhaustion really affects everything I do throughout the day. I can’t think as well, I get hungry, I don’t have the energy to an efficient workout, etc. Anyway, for this week, I’m challenging myself to NO computer at bedtime. Wham bam.

For dinner, I had this:
Bean burritos with rice and salsa! Not so aesthetically pleasing, but my taste buds approve haha.

Well, I’ve got to get to bed! (With no computer). G’night.


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