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How vegan are you talking about, here? May 3, 2010

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Toasted Ezekiel bread + roasted garlic hummus + a cucumber + sprouts (+ a diced tomato) = YUM!

I have some vegan-related issues I’m still sorting through, such as….
Butter on bread. What do you do? Like, say, you’re at a restaurant and they put butter on your bread? Should I have been more proactive and asked before hand? Ignore it and pretend like its not there? Tell them to take it away? VEGAN PREDICAMENT! DAH.

And… what about my awesome leather boots? And handbag? I feel like a walking contradiction!

To be honest, I feel like I need to make a better effort to eliminate all animal by-products from my life. After everything I’ve learn about farming/animal rights/the environment/etc., I feel like this is the next step. Will see… it’s a gradual process and I’m trying to slow down and take it all in!

Oh! I had lunch at the best little restaurant today. It’s called Supper, a small, family owned restaurant with really yummy food! The owner was actually a vegetarian for years and was very knowledgeable about veganism, so I had no miscommunication happen between waitstaff and cooks! I got the Vegetarian Baguette with
onions, peppers, mushrooms, tofurkey, veganaise, balamic drizzle. I’ve never had tofurkey before (I’m not really into soy, to be honest), but it was good! I got a salad with my sandwich and I ate it all! Will definitely be going there again :D.
You wouldn’t believe how nice it was to get something other then a salad!

Anyway, I off to get a good night’s sleep. I have a final tomorrow morning!


One Response to “How vegan are you talking about, here?”

  1. conradvisionquest Says:

    when eating out, sometimes things happen and there’s nothing you can do. decide what feels right to you and learn from each time you dine out. i have had dishes with small amounts of cheese in it because it was already prepared and brought to the table. i’m not gonna beat myself up over it. we rarely go out and always eat vegan at home.
    as far as the leather accessories go, i am using mine until they fall apart. no further harm will be done to animals because i kept my leather belt, purses, and shoes. when it comes time to replace them, i will get vegan alternatives. but again, to me these details are personal preference. do what feels right to you and don’t apologize for that. you are already doing more than the rest of the world by changing your diet.
    i am still feeling my way around, too. good luck!

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