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The power of the vegan! April 23, 2010

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So I have gone completely vegan for 2 weeks now. How insane is that? Never in a million years did I think I’d ever, ever even try being a vegan. So this is like…uh, big and stuff. Anyway!

I’m actually kind of astonished with the results so far. All I ever hear about being vegan is that, 1. you’re constantly sick, 2. you always feel terrible and sluggish, and 3. you are always hungry. But I have found none to this to be true thus far (although, this might still count as my “honeymoon phase”. Wait, do new vegans have honeymoon phases? Do I sound insane? My life is insane right now, FYI). But there are some of the things that I’ve noticed since cutting all meat, dairy, and eggs to the curb, such as:
1. My energy levels are much improved. Even though I’m still a little anemic, I’ve finally got a pep in my step again.
2. I’ve been able to push myself harder during workouts without feel completely burnt out afterwords.
3. (On the tails of #2) I’ve been rapidly increasing my stamina and strength. Also, my recovery time is quicker.
4. I haven’t been craving as much. Being vegan pushes you out to the dreaded processed foods convenience zone and, I, therefore, have been eating a lot more naturally as a result. This has really severed ties with refined sugars and whatnot.
5. I am more in tune with my body’s hunger signals. Case and point, I took a pack of raw almonds to class on Wednesday. I started to feel hungry mid-way through my second class, so I popped them open and started eating. About half way through, I had to stop. I no longer wanted the almonds because I reeeeally wanted veggies (a Dr. Praeger’s Cali Veggie Burger, to be exact). My body didn’t want protein or fat, it wanted carbs. Energy. NOW.
6. I haven’t been counting calories, or going crazy with workouts, yet I’m losing that stubborn bit of fat that I’ve been trying to get rid of for years.
7. My skin is starting to clear up. (There are still some places that I’m broken out, but as a whole, it’s looking better).
8. My temperament has changed a little bit. I’ll admit, I can be quite a feisty, aggressive thing towards the end of the day when I’m worn out. But lately I’ve been a little more mellow. Not quite so… provoked at the world.

There are also a few things about veganism that I’m still getting use to. Namely:
1. While I don’t find veganism itself to be hard, trying to find recipes (and ingredients!) have been a little tough.
2. I’m having issues coming up with snacks to take to keep me tided over until I can get my feet in a kitchen and my hands on pots and pans.

I’d also like to pimp out Brendan Brazier’s book, Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life. It’s been SUCH a help in the conversion. Although I don’t think I’ve been eating as well as I would like to be, ideally, I sure as hell have made some massive progress!

I have no long term goals with this lifestyle. I don’t think I can just yet. I haven’t found my footing and I don’t want to set myself up for forever and then be crushed if I give in next week. I focus on the now. I wake up everyday and tell myself, “I’m going to be a vegan today”. Not tomorrow, not a week from now, just today. This mentality has really helped pushed me on more the one occasion and it’s definitely helping now :).

Anyway, it’s getting late and I’ve got classes all day tomorrow. The last weeks of school are always the most insane. Do professors do that on purpose or something? You’d think they’re conspiring against us or something!


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