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The future of vegeterain in me… April 7, 2010

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Well, Lent is over. But, I can honestly say that my dedication to vegetarianism is not!

Having now spent over 40 days without chicken, pork, beef, etc. I really feel better. Both mentally and physically. Mentally, I feel more honest with myself. I’ve been preaching my clean food mantras for years, but I feel like I was not honest with myself because I still ate meat and I didn’t always know where it had come from. To me, that is not ok. I don’t agree with industrial farming and what it does to both animals and the humans that eat them. I find it increasingly concerning that we’ve reached a point where we have decided to overtly control an ecological stable system in order to increase the bank accounts of a few.
With that being said, I feel better as a person for no longer participating in such radicalized methods.

My physical improvement was a bit of a lovely surprise, to be honest! I didn’t expect to have increased energy, but I certainly have! It’s so wonderful to know that my body is responding well to this change in diet :D.

Now, to address dairy. It will be my next hurdle, I think. I do not expect to cut it out entirely. At least, no time soon. That will actually be more difficult then cutting out meat. But I do want to start cutting it down as significantly as I can. I have no desire to become a vegan, but ideally, I’d only like to consume beans, nuts, grains, fish, eggs, fruits, and veggies. So hopefully I’ll get there.

I’ve been looking into vegetarian and vegan cookbooks because I’m forever looking for good ideas! My short list:
The Kind Diet by Alicia Sliverstone
The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen
Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Anyway, off to bed! Our air conditioning is broken so here’s hoping for some rest! (Even though the pollen is high and the house is hot!).


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